Current Swell

Dec 10th 2012

Current Swell On Tour

Current Swell On Tour

We are happy to be back on tour down the west coast of the USA. The first two shows in Oregon were great!

In Portland we spent some time in the Hawthorne district. After checking out shops, food carts and taking some pictures in the photobooth we decided to check out some vintage instruments.

First was the guitar shop where Scott and Dave fell in love with a 60's acoustic Gibson. After that it was off to Revival Drum Shop.

Crispy was there just there to find a drum seat, but when we got there they had about a dozen vintage kits that were setup ready to play. Needless to say, curiousity got the best of us and soon enough Crispy was jumping from kit to kit until we got to a WFL set from the 1940s. Everyone was fired up on the sound, look and feel of the kit, including the other customers in the store.

Were all back in the van now (including a sweet new vintage drum kit!) and we're on our way to Santa Cruz for a day off. After that we play the hotel cafe in Los Angeles and then on to San Fransisco plus more pacific northwest dates!

Hope to see you all soon!