Current Swell

Apr 2nd 2012

West Coast USA, SXSW & CMW

West Coast USA, SXSW & CMW

Spring in Victoria is just around the corner. We've been patiently waiting for mr. golden sun to come out and play. On our west coast tour the sun was shinning bright. We were lucky to be rolling alongside our buddies The True Spokes. They took us some cool places like Cozmic Pizza and the Applegate lodge. Further south I could finally put on some shorts while Scotty and Davers were able to get in a surf in San Fran. Talking about San Fran we were very stoked to see how many fans from different cities came out to enjoy the show. A couple days later we were able to rent bikes for a couple hours and cruise down Venice Beach. That day I checked out the skate park. There were some kids that were ripping it, there was even a 6 year old that was doing 5 foot ollie's out the bowl, very cool!

A few days later we headed down south to SXSW. This was one of the greatest music festivals to date. We got to check out some cool acts like Bahama's, The Sheep Dog's, Youth Lagoon, M Ward, and Tom Morrelo. The streets are littered with music goers, it was pretty insane. I really hope we get to go next year.

A week ago we were in Ontario for second time at CMW. We got to share the stage with some of our friends, The Matinee, The Belle Game, Maurice and Acres of Lions. It's always great to go out and see your friends out in Ontario. Our trip to Ontario ended in a small but very cool Burnstown. We played at the Neat Coffee Shop. It was a very intimate experience, we got to play an acoustic version of Brad's Song and got everyone yelling "Don't get on his BAAAAAD side!". We can't wait to come back.

On the horizon we have a bit of time off but the summer is going to be jam packed with international tours and festivals. Last but not least we finally have our newest album Long Time Ago in Vinyl! So keep your eyes peeled and ears to the ground, we hope to see you soon.