Current Swell

Aug 27th 2011

News Blog/ Boot Camp

What is boot camp? Why do we keep talking about it?
Good question, if you don't live in and around BC, then it might not make sense. All of us from the band are at a boot camp, (to do with The Peak Performance Project) with about 100 other great artists, and we are doing tons of cool things, from songwriting workshops, to Copyright classes, to organized sports. Its all happening right in the middle of BC at some pristine lake, bunk beds, diving boards, zip lines. The only bad thing about this is the fact that we have roommates who snore horribly! Last night I thought this guy Theo, )(The Boom Booms) was being strangled! haha
We will be blogging here on our website with updates on everything from diet to sleep schedule.
TONIGHT, we get to record a brand new song we've written especially for bootcamp about Vancouver, for its 125th anniversary as a city.
Stay tuned.