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Young and Able (2015 Vers)  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Bad News  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Asking for Your Love  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
I Want a Bird (Live)  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Skyfall  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS

Current Swell - ULYSSES

Ulysses  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Keys to the Kingdom  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Rollin'  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
One Day I'll be Rich  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Bad News  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Who's With Us  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Gunshots  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Man of Maps  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Sideways  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Desire  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
We Will Run  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Flesh and Bone  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS

Current Swell - LONG TIME AGO

Long Time Ago  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Too Cold  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
For the Land  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
I Wanna Bird  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Brad's Song  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Honest Man  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Stumble  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Get What's Mine  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Up The Hills  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Shelter  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS

Current Swell - PROTECT YOUR OWN

Nail'em Up  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
All I Need  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Young and Able  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Red Shag  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Protect Your Own  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Way it Goes  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Booze in Hell  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Bring Me Down  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Wishing Well  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS

Current Swell - TRUST US NOW

Coming Home  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Chestermans Valley  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Reap What You Sow  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
New Reggae  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Five White Boys  PLAYFree LYRICS
Officer Down 2  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
How Could They Trust Us Now  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
So I Say  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Plain To See  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Al Capone  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Eye for An Eye  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Chasing  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Brumner  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS

Current Swell - SO I SAY

Short Stories  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Room of the Faded Moon  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Stomach  PLAYFree LYRICS
Workin Man Blues  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
The Digger  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Officer Down  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Getaway Van  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Unescapable Dome  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Greed and the Given  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Travellin River Rider Blues  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Money Riff  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS


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